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C A R E E R   C O A C H I N G


+ You have career aspirations and don't find YOUR personal training path?


+ Have you already embarked on your career and feel that you are on the wrong path?


In order to make a career, I have to get to KNOW MYSELF.


Success in the job is only possible if the personality matches the requirements of the job. Our personality is shaped by education, culture, education, religion and social environment. The information from these areas is stored in consciousness and subconsciousness.


From psychology we know that decisions are always also based on information that originates from the subconscious, i. e. they are unconscious. This means that not only the pure facts are relevant for the success of decisions, but also the subconscious mind to a considerable extent.


The subconscious mind contains many harmful information such as


F A L S E   B E L I E F S,  S E L F - D A M A G I N G  P A T T E R N S   and   T R A U M A T A.


Most of them are stored there until the age of 6 years. If the child is taught "You can't do that" and "Money doesn't make you happy", then this PROGRAMMING will have a life-long limiting effect. Man will not believe in his success and develop a rather negative attitude towards money.


Therefore, the information of the subconscious mind is a decisive factor in attitudes to certain topics, such as willingness to succeed, staying power, self-confidence, optimism, team spirit or critical faculty.


The TIMEWAVER-ANALYSIS can take a realistic look at the morphological information field of a human being and thus provide information about the stored information, beliefs, character strengths and weaknesses, talents, potentials as well as the psychological and physical condition. 


+ A personality analysis can help you to better orientate yourself in your job.


Working with the TIMEWAVER enables maximum S E L F - D E T E C T I O N and provides efficient support for training and career plans. If the TIMEWAVER finds subconscious information that blocks the adequate professional path, it can be positively influenced by an individual transmission into the information field. In addition, the "reprogramming" of the subconscious can be supplemented by meditative techniques. The results of this complex analysis can be discussed and processed in a targeted manner.


This makes it possible to positively change limiting information in the subconscious mind, to answer relevant questions about one's professional personality and to develop a training or career concept that is optimally tailored to one's character and abilities.


Dr. Bruce Lipton - The power of our subconscious mind


With the TIMEWAVER we search for answers to questions like:


+ How important is my career for me and my happiness?

+ What temperament do I have?

+ Am I a team player?

+ Do I feel strong and healthy?

+ Do I shy away from challenges?

+ Am I brave?

+ Do I have enough energy for my job?

+ Do I react thinking or feeling more?

+ Do I see my professional future as an employee or self-employed person?

+ Am I an optimist or a pessimist?

+ Am I resilient?

+ Am I competent?

+ Am I determined or hesitant?

+ Do I have strong nerves?

+ Am I fair?

+ Am I generous?

+ Am I a humanitarian?

+ What are my strengths?

+ Do I react tolerantly to failure?

+ Do I feel secure in my life?

+ Am I able to criticize others constructively?

+ What fears do I have?

+ Are titles important to me?

+ Can I lead a team?

+ Do I speak or do I listen?

+ Am I strong in soft-skills?

+ Am I emotionally stable?

+ Am I assertive?

+ Am I happy?

+ How do I stand for money?

+ Am I a lone fighter?

+ Am I critical?

+ Do I have social ambitions?

+ Am I self-determined?

+ Am I creative?

+ Do I recognize the big connections?

+ How ambitious am I?

+ Am I flexible?

+ Do I know my personal work-life balance?

+ What are the motivations?

+ Do I want to start a family?

+ Am I strategic?

+ Am I empathetic?

+ Am I diplomatic?

+ Do I tolerate stress?

+ Do I want to work abroad?

+ Can I speak to large crowds?

+ Are there any mental conflicts that could hinder my career?

+ Am I willing to take risks?


Note: Science and orthodox medicine do not yet recognize the existence of information fields, their medical significance and TimeWaver systems with their applications in the sense of conventional medicine. As with many other alternative treatment methods, science and research do not see the documented treatment successes as scientific proof of their effectiveness in the sense of conventional medicine.

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