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"Whoever causes the quanta to make another decision can change reality."


The most important quantum physicists of the last century have abolished the long prevalent world view that mind and matter are separated. The opposite is true. Matter is created by consciousness, it is an expression of consciousness. Therefore, consciousness creates our reality.


"Consciousness creates reality."  Eugene Wiegner, Nobel Prize in Physics 1963


How could that be?

This can be explained by the double nature of the quanta, which exist either as waves or particles. As a wave, quantum potentially contains all theoretically existing possibilities. As particles, they have already decided on a form, have then become firmly defined and thus become reality - which we can observe.


Everything in the universe has this double nature. Our body, our thoughts and feelings are also made up of quantum - either, as a wave, they still carry all the possibilities for creating reality within themselves, or they have already become reality as particles.


As long as quanta have not yet been brought to a "decision" to commit themselves as particles to a real form, as long as they exist in the form of a cloud of probability. This probability cloud is also known as a cloud or information field. According to quantum physics, the information field exists universally, meaning that it is not bound to a place or time. It stores all the information and possibilities available in the universe, including all the information about our body, thoughts and feelings. If we change our thoughts and feelings, then we can change the quanta in the information field and thus again change reality.


It is more difficult to write information into the information field than to retrieve information directly from the information field. In the past, this was only reserved for a few spiritual and clairvoyant people. Today, TimeWaver technology provides access to the information field. This technology, developed by the German physicist Marcus Schmieke, makes it possible to read specific information from the information field and to write large quantities of special information into the information field.


If a person is physically, mentally or professionally out of balance, certain quanta are no longer in the harmonic order. With the help of TimeWaver, all relevant information about a patient can be queried in the information field. In this way, the therapist learns in which areas and on which levels (physical, biochemical, energetic, emotional, mental, psychological) the causes of the problems lie and where the patient is currently well able to regulate.


Using special modules, the TimeWaver therapist can generate a large amount of relevant information about the patient, such as individual organs, tissues, cells, blood, muscles, bones, tendons, nerves, and fibers, Metabolism, toxins, energy values, chakras, meridians, psyche, fears, family entanglements, false beliefs, inner patterns, mental blockages, traumas, attitudes, personal talents and much more.


The extensive database of TimeWaver contains information on healing and life optimization from many countries and cultures. Based on the patient's vibration patterns, TimeWaver determines which healing information is currently important for the patient and transfers it directly into his information field. There, this healing information, the quanta, which until then still existed as waves, can cause them to "decide" differently, and to adopt a new form as particles in order to create a changed reality.


This changed reality can include healing and better living conditions for the patient.


Because the information field exists universally, TimeWaver can always transfer the patient's healing information directly into the information field, regardless of where the patient is currently located. TimeWaver works at the interface between matter and consciousness.


With TimeWaver, individualized therapies can be developed that are tailored to the very personal topics of each individual patient. Because all living beings and every matter have an information field, TimeWaver can work on many areas. The TimeWaver is used in areas such as health, fears, energy shortages, career, family, relationships, life architecture, sports or living.


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Note: Science and orthodox medicine do not yet recognize the existence of information fields, their medical significance and TimeWaver systems with their applications in the sense of conventional medicine. As with many other alternative treatment methods, science and research do not see the documented treatment successes as scientific proof of their effectiveness in the sense of conventional medicine.

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